Revitalize Your Soul

It is sure to leave you drowned in its heavenly floral aroma alongside a hint of strawberry. Proudly organic and pesticide free herbs only. 

  · 5 Sachets without Gift Box
  · Each sachet can make up to 400 ml of tea for all to enjoy
  · Ingredients: Rose, Hibiscus, Rose Bud, Rosehip, Strawberry
  · Flavor: Rose




Snuggle up and enjoy these fragrant rose petals in nutritious and delicious teas too. Choose Nilufer’s organic rose teas to escape artificial additives, preservatives and pesticides in your teacup. Recent mass production and commercialization of tea .. For us, it is imperative to ensuring Your cup of rosy goodness is safe, healthful and organic. Gift set (Rose Paradise) is also available